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FAQ Regarding Making Your First Hire in California

  It is always exciting when your business obligations have increased to the point that you require help from an employee. Making your first hire is often an important sign of growth; however, there are a number of important legal considerations. There … Continue reading

Should I Incorporate my Small Business?

  According to the Small Business Administration (SBA), small businesses account for nearly 60 percent of new jobs created in the United States since the Recession. As more individuals go to work for themselves or for small businesses, legal considerations … Continue reading

Choosing the Right Business Entity for Your Startup

  Starting a new business can be an exciting and lucrative endeavor, particularly in the Silicon Valley area. While many entrepreneurs are justifiably excited to get started developing or shopping their product, the reality is that there are many important … Continue reading

Protecting your Intellectual Property when Shopping an App

  There is no doubt that there is currently a significant amount of money to be made in the creation and development of mobile apps. One only has to look to the billion dollar sales of apps like Instagram and … Continue reading

Offering SaaS or Licensed Software

  Legal Issues to Consider when Offering SaaS or Licensed Software Many software providers are now offering subscription access to software that is actually running on a remote computer that can be accessed remotely. This type of software is generally described … Continue reading

Is it Possible to Start a California Business as a Foreign National?

As many people are aware, United States consumers have tremendous spending power. Additionally, our robust economy makes doing business with existing companies an attractive proposition for many entrepreneurs. As a result, many people who recognize business opportunities within the U.S. … Continue reading

Contract Drafting

  Starting a business can require entering into many different kinds of contracts that can each contain numerous complex legal provisions. Some examples of common contracts you may require for your startup include:   Founders' agreements Employment agreements Equity agreements … Continue reading

Choosing Form(s) over Substance: The Dangers of Using Online Legal Forms

    Good business owners always look to save money and increase their bottom line. So it is understandable that, when facing the need for a contract or other legal documents, many business owners seek to avoid the financial commitment of retaining an attorney and paying his … Continue reading

Do Not Make These Costly Mistakes When Firing an Employee (Part Two)

    In Part One of this article, we explored two ways that a firing in California could result in a legal claim for wrongful termination: firing in breach of an employment contract and firing based on unlawful discrimination. The … Continue reading

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