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Drafting and Negotiating Startup Employment Contracts (With Equity)


Contract law is a very specific and surprisingly complicated area of the law that requires years of training and experience to fully understand. A well-drafted contract will be valid, enforceable, and leave no ambiguity regarding the intent of the parties to the agreement. Additionally, an employment contract often contains clauses and terms unique to those related to an employer-employee relationship, so it is important for both employers and employees to retain an attorney familiar with drafting and negotiating these types of agreements. Startup employment contracts have their own specific requirements, especially when equity or stock options are included in compensation. The Law Offices of Nate Kelly is equipped to provide representation and counsel in a variety of matters related to employment contracts, including the following:


·         Contract drafting

·         Salary negotiation

·         Non-disclosure agreements

·         Trade secrets

·         Vesting standards

·         IP transfer agreements

·         Stock options

·         Non-compete agreements

·         Non-circumvention agreements

·         Employee value


The particular matters at issue in your case will depend on your specific circumstances. To get personalized legal advice, contact our office today.


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Nate Kelly is a California attorney who has been helping businesses and individuals with a variety of legal matters since 2009. In addition to his private practice, he is also co-chair of USC Law Network, which all call upon the legal expertise and acumen of over 30 lawyers in a variety of fields. With offices in both Los Angeles and San Francisco, Mr. Kelly is capable of providing quality legal counsel and representation across the state of California. To schedule a free consultation with Mr. Kelly, please call our office today at 415-336-3001 (San Francisco) or 310-228-6215 (Los Angeles) or use our online scheduler. 


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