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Larisa Migachyov, Of Counsel

Larisa Migachyov is a patent attorney, certified by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) and dedicated to helping businesses and individuals obtain intellectual property protection for their inventions. She specializes in patent searches, invention disclosure analysis, patent prosecution, copyright and trademark registration, and infringement analysis.


Patent Prosecution

Patent prosecution services, including evaluating invention disclosures, drafting and filing patent applications, performing basic patentability searches, and responding to office actions. While we recommend that inventors draft their own provisional patents, we are happy to draft provisional patent applications or to edit a provisional application drafted by the inventor.


Patent Search

Patent searching services include patentability searches, validity searches, infringement searches, and clearance searches.


Trademark and Copyright

Trademark filing and search services as well as copyright registration services.




After her bachelor of science from the University of Minnesota in 1997, Ms. Migachyov completed a master of science degree in biomechanical engineering at Stanford University in 2000. After Stanford, she worked as an engineer and as a mechanical design consultant. She holds one patent for an invention of her own. As a mechanical design consultant, Ms. Migachyov worked extensively with inventors, assisting them with manufacturing, industrial design, prototype creation, and the drafting of patent drawings. Ms. Migachyov completed a law degree at the University of Pennsylvania in 2009. In the same year she was admitted to the bar in California.[1] After graduating from law school, Ms. Migachyov worked in patent litigation at one of the world’s most respected law firms, Simpson Thacher & Bartlett LLP, before starting her own firm.


Larisa Migachyov was born in Russia and has composed music for much of her life. She started piano lessons when she was five and continued with her music education learning musical theory, music composition, and related disciplines. She continued her studies after her family moved to the US, but she decided not to pursue a career in music at that time. In 2005 she discovered ragtime thanks to the San Antonio Ragtime Society, and returned to performing and composing. She premiered her first ragtime composition, the "Purple Chicken Rag", at the 2006 Scott Joplin Festival [2] and recently performed at Carnegie Hall. [3] 




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